We wanted to shout out to your kids or the kid within you with, “Why a kid’s dreams shouldn’t come true?” perspective. We know a kid will not differentiate any color, design, figure or limit themselves to any boundary!

And here we are with the best products that a kid’s skin need upon uniting “Be like a DinoFor” motto with some uniqueness, inspiration, color and a lot of hard-work!

Why DinoFor?

We have always dreamed of a brand which is as real as the characters kids have in their minds however, so free that every kid can feel so comfortable in them, simple yet elegant, not a part of an era and so much fun!

And this is DinoFor, not more, not less!

Dino For Kids

Because every child is born like a sun to his family and brings all the beauties and this is a celebration for the DinoFor.

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