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Plate can be used on 3 meals per day thanks to the convenience of their sizes. They revive breakfast tables as the most important meal of the day for our babies and children and accompany them at lunches to balance their energies during the day. They are also used on the tables with the elegance of dinners as the last meal of the day. The increase the charm of meals thanks to the colorful designs.

There are 2 different alternative designs as Dino and Wild.

The transition to supplementary food in babies is an important process for the development of babies. Mothers carefully prepare healthy and delicious meals for the growth of their babies. They have many alternatives to present the meals that they prepare to their babies.

We took 2 major criteria into consideration while we assessed these alternatives. Of course, our first priority was to make sure that the food service products consist of ‘Healthy Products’ like for all products. Our second priority was to design products that will draw attention of your baby and child and make feeding time ‘Funny’.

There are so many food bowls in the market made of various different materials from glass to plastics, bamboo to steel. Each material has its own pros and cons. We use Porcelain material in our products because:

  • First of all, porcelain represents health and cleaning.
  • It does not absorb taste and odor.
  • It does not contain microbes thanks to its strengthened texture. Porcelain materials are waterproof because they do not have pores.
  • It is easy to wash them. Stains on them is quickly removed and therefore, it is practical, functional and hygienic product.
  • Dishwasher safe (careful placement is recommended).
  • Pay attention to sudden temperature changes.
  • Pour extremely hot liquid slowly.
  • Its hard surface protects the heat of meals for a long time.
  • It is aesthetical thanks to its elegant structure.

Finally, we have to express that porcelain is kiln-dried at a very high temperature. Porcelain is kiln-dried at 1250 degrees on average. This provides harder surface on porcelain. It is much resistance in terms of clumsiness of your babies and children.

DinoFor creates designs based on the motto of ”BE LIKE A DINOFOR’’ to combine happy and funny lives of our children with dinnerware.

Each child rises into his/her family like the sun and brings all beauties, which is something worth celebrating for DinoFor.

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