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The priority of DinoFor products in Suit Up category is to create designs by using funny, distinguished, strong, comfortable and healthy materials. In the DinoFor Suit Up section, you can view the products from our first collection ROARRR. Each creation is made by different designers. ROARRR collection prepared by Frizzy and Palegarto features sports products to provide the comfort zone much needed by children / babies. It stands out with the products that can be used by children / babies for day and night elegance. It also features special pieces for casual use.

ROARRR collection features a total of 6 different product categories. You can use the shortcuts to access the BODYSUITMUSLIN & BIB, SLEEPWEAR SWEATSHIRT , PANTS&TIGHT, ROMPERS  and DRESS&SKIRT categories and review our alternative products. You can get more information about the products by visiting the page of each product. You can also find alternative models for each type of product. You can get more information about the products by visiting the page of each product.

The prints that we use on our products are water-based and certified products. For the accessories (snap fasteners, zippers, buttons), we use products specifically manufactured for babies in terms of health and ergonomics of our children. We use accessories in our products that are certified by International Test Organizations for ensuring safety of users. All our products are prepared in accordance with the ‘OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100’ norms.

Our purpose is to ensure that our children love the clothes that they wear, and internalize our brand with their childhood memories when they look back as they get older. DinoFor, which has plain but strong designs that enable children and babies to move comfortably during the day, creates designs based on the motto of ”BE LIKE A DINOFOR” to complement happy and funny lives of our children with their clothes.

Each child rises into his/her family like the sun and brings all beauties, which is something worth celebrating for DinoFor.

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