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Rompers or, in other words, overalls (Salopet) derives from the French word ‘Salopette’ meaning overalls for workers. Emerged as overalls in the 1940s, this product is generally known as trouser with bib in our country. They are used by people of all ages because they are very practical. They are particularly practical and comfortable for children. Rompers or overalls are produced in different types. The front part of the common model which resembles a trouser stretches up to the chest line. They are produced by fastening them to the front part through the two string hangers coming out from the back part of trouser or vice versa. Overalls can be combined with many different products. Bodies, t-shirts, shirts or sweatshirts can be used inside the overalls or sweatshirts or hoodies can be worn on the overalls. There are also rompers with skirts as an alternative for girls.

Trouser parts have internal snap fasteners to provide ease of changing diapers particularly for the babies using diapers. This enables you to change the diapers of your baby easily. Overalls have generally large pockets on the front area, which you can also use to hang your baby’s dummy.

It is recommended to wash the products at maximum 30°. Bleacher should not be used. It is recommended to use natural detergents or detergents with reduced chemicals that are specifically produced for babies. It is also suggested that drum washing machines are not used and the products are left to dry naturally. It is possible to iron these products at low temperatures.

We use accessories in our products that are certified by International Test Organizations for ensuring safety of users. All our products are prepared in accordance with the ‘OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100’ norms.

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