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Spinops Sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts are the range of products that represents comfort. They are the first choice of users due to the comfort that they provide. They can be particularly preferred for babies because they do not restrict movements and provide more comfort for babies.

Sweatshirts are mostly preferred in the Winter and Spring months in cold weather conditions because of their long-sleeves and the heat that they provide. The phrase ‘‘Take a jumper with you as it might be cold at night’’ that our elders used to say in the past is now replaced by the phrase ‘‘Take a sweatshirt with you as it might be cold at night’’. Particularly the hoodie models ensure the protection of head and neck areas of your children against cold in the winter. They are mostly preferred because their sizes are loose. They can be categorized as the models with and without hoodies. As sweatshirts are versatile, they can be combined with many options such as sweat suits, tights, shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers.

It is recommended to wash the products at maximum 30°. Bleacher should not be used. It is recommended to use natural detergents or detergents with reduced chemicals that are specifically produced for babies. It is also suggested that drum washing machines are not used and the products are left to dry naturally. It is possible to iron these products at low temperatures.

We use accessories in our products that are certified by International Test Organizations for ensuring safety of users. All our products are prepared in accordance with the ‘OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100’ norms.

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