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T-shirt is the most used clothing product with the arrival of spring and the increase of air temperatures.T-shirts, like most clothing models, adapted from military to daily needs. It first evolved from the training shirt. Hollywood actors have a big share in popularizing t-shirt fashion, and James Dean comes first.

There are many models of t-shirts;

  • Basic Tshirt for those who do not compromise simplicity,
  • V-neck I do not compromise simplicity but my collar is different.
  • Bicycle Collar is the choice of those who want to catch a formal elegance.
  • T-shirt models, which are very important for the clothes on you to relax you and your skin during sports.
  • Those who are fond of oversize comfort, energetic and unstable models.

There are 5 different models in different cuts.

It is recommended to wash the products at maximum 30°. Bleacher should not be used. It is recommended to use natural detergents or detergents with reduced chemicals that are specifically produced for babies. It is also suggested that drum washing machines are not used and the products are left to dry naturally. It is possible to iron these products at low temperatures.

We use accessories in our products that are certified by International Test Organizations for ensuring safety of users. All our products are prepared in accordance with the ‘OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100’ norms.

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