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Wall Accessories shaped in the unique creation process of each product, we believe that their differences will come a life with the meanings you bring. We hope that the product you have chosen will uplift your and your home’s energy.

Dinofor supports its fun and unique motto that it has created for kids and youth with its business partnerships. In this regard, by partnering with DB Sycamore, we designed accessories that are convenient for your kids imaginative worlds. So they can spend fun times in their play rooms.

With the trademark that DB Sycamore designers created by harmonizing interior designing, textile and industrial and graphic designing trainings. You will see products completely different than the ones current modern world dictate. And will witness a project promising new adventures by aiming to share subjective pieces.

These products are hand painted and were used both at homes and other social domains and did not leave any stains which also include white walls too. Upon hanging, you may run your fingers down through the ropes and will not notice any stains on your hands or on the wall.

Product specifications and hanging instructions are included in the package. This product is made from 100% poplar tree panels and cotton ropes. A thick varnish is applied on our poplar tree panels to protect them from humidity and other external factors.

Care Instructions

Remove DB from your wall and shake it slowly to remove the dust in an open area. You may also remove the dust by using a dry cloth. Do not use damp/wet cloth or cleaning materials to clean off the dust or fading on the paint may occur.

DinoFor, coming from its motto “Be Like A DinoFor!”,  is constantly creating new and fun designs for your kids. So they can reflect their happy and fun world in their rooms.

We believe each kid rises like a sun to a family’s world and brings all the good with them and it is worth to celebrate for DinoFor.

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