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There are a total of 3 different product categories in the Meal Time Clay Dreams Co creation. You can use the shortcuts to access and review the PLATE, BOWL and MUG categories. You can also find alternative models for each type of product. You can get more information about the products by visiting the page of each product.

The creation consists of two different ranges as Dino and Wild. We used Limoges Porcelain in our mugs because:

  • First of all, porcelain represents health and cleaning.
  • It does not absorb taste and odor.
  • It does not contain microbes thanks to its strengthened texture. Porcelain materials are waterproof because they do not have pores.
  • It is easy to wash them. Stains on them is quickly removed and therefore, it is practical, functional and hygienic product.
  • Its hard surface protects the heat of meals for a long time.
  • It is aesthetical thanks to its elegant structure.

The products consist of 3 different categories:

  • The width of plates is 22,5 cm. The patterns on the plates are handcrafted. They can be used for snacks and main meal thanks to the convenience of their sizes.
  • The width of bowls is 5,5 cm. The patterns on the bowls are handcrafted. They can be used particularly as fruit, yoghurt and ice cream bowl for babies and children.
  • The width of mugs is 7,5 cm and their height is 7,5 cm. The mugs feature funny figures on them. It could be funny to consume the recommended amount of liquid per day with those mugs.

Finally, we have to express that porcelain is kiln-dried at a very high temperature. Porcelain is kiln-dried at 1250 degrees on average. This provides harder surface on porcelain. It is much resistance in terms of clumsiness of your babies and children.

You can view all these works prepared by our designer GULBIN in this page. To get more information about the products, you can click on them to view their images, sizes, characteristics and explanations.

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